Are you really a McBUSTED, McFLY and BUSTED fan?

take the quiz and see if you really are a fan by identifying whether the lyrics are from a McFly, BUSTED or McBUSTED song!

Created by GalaxyCrashing
On Mar 29, 2017

"You're my sunkissed trampoline"

"Throwing peanuts down the aisle"

"Every day of my life, do you know i'm alive?"

"We ran through strawberry fields and smelt the summer time"

"Everyone asked me, who the hell is she?"

"You think she's out of your league, and it plays on your mind"

"We'll go to HOLLYWOOD, make you moviestar"

"It's tearing me apart and I wish he was dead, i'm losing you"

"If someone evil's coming round, they should be frightened"

"Was I invading in on your secrets?"

"Stood there was my neighbour, called Peter and a flux capacitor"

"I saw her friend that was in line that day"

"Always the same, too much the pain, you are to blame and I know I've got to get my self back in the game"

"She didn't want his silly second name"

"Got a badass, eco-friendly motor scooter to ride on"

"Some people fight, some people fall. Other pretend they don't care at all. If you want to fight, i'll stand right beside you. The day that you fall, i'll be right behind you."



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You 'Crashed The Wedding' and Burned

You 'Crashed The Wedding' and Burned

You may like their music but this has just shown you are not a number 1 fan of McBUSTED, McFLY and BUSTED. Now let your friends and family try this quiz, see what they get!

I think you should go 'Back In Time' and start again

I think you should go 'Back In Time' and start again

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