Are You a Well-Integrated Guyana PCV?

You came, you saw, you integrated... or did you?

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On Jun 9, 2017

You see a snake in the yard. What do you do?

What’s this?

You’re in a minibus and the conductor is trying to put a sixth person in your three-person row. You:

You see some surprise sugar ants in your peanut butter. How to cope?

You hear soca music blasting. What’s your reaction?

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

You see a bottle of Yellow Tail Malbec. What do you do?

Can you wine?

You stub your toe. How do you feel?

Someone invites him or herself over to your house. You:

You need some coconut milk. How do you get it?

Your fan is broken. What do you do?

You get a text that your credit’s finished. How do you deal?

You have a cold. What’s the remedy?

What makes you say “Me nah able?”

Toto, we're not in America anymore.

Toto, we're not in America anymore.

Guyana isn't the United States, and it never will be. Time to work on your integration, my friend.

Gettin' tru...

Gettin' tru...

All right, you're trying your best, but we both know you got nuff room to improve.

Model PCV

Model PCV

Not too local and not too foreign, you have hit the Peace Corps Guyana sweet spot. Now go celebrate with a cold Banks.

You's a Guyanese fuh true

You's a Guyanese fuh true

Why is yuh wastin nuff nuff time takin dis quiz when you deh deh in Guyana since yuh born? Man! Me eye done pass yuh already.

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