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Episode 2: Wendigo
When Dean is introducing Sam and himself to Hailey, he says, "I'm Dean, and this is Sam." However, when Dean shows her an ID, it says Samuel Cole.
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Episode 3: Dead in the Water
While Will gives his line at 5:11, a boom mic pops in at the top center of the screen.
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Episode 7: Hook Man
Sam begins painting with his right hand, after the camera switches, he is painting with his left. When it switches again, it changes back to right.
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Episode 9: Home
The spirit closes the lock on the fridge door with the child in it. When the mom rushes to open it, it's already unlocked.
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Episode 11: Scarecrow
After Dean shakes the Professor's hand and walks towards the door, to the left of the screen a camera is briefly visible for a couple seconds.
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Episode 13: Route 666
There is a shot that shows the truck racing off after the Ford, and you can clearly see the camera crew in the left side of the truck bed.(front card)
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Episode 14: Nightmare
Alice puts the knife down and we can see that there are bits of vegetable still on the edge, but when the camera shoots it again, it's clean.
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Episode 15: The Benders
When Dean enters the cellar for the first time, his lips are moving but there is no audio to match it.
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Episode 17: Hell House
Around the 34:50 mark, a member of the production crew briefly enters the shot on the right side
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Episode 18: Something Wicked This Way Comes
At the end, when Dean and Sam pull away in the impala, you can see the whole camera crane reflected in the side of the vehicle.
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Episode 22: Devil's Trap
When Dean is asking how Bobby will explain things to the police, next to the desk by the boys, you can see a person taking pictures for a few seconds.
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