Can You Pass The Psychological Bravery Test

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Created by FutureTVWriter
On Mar 29, 2017

Looking outside of your blinds and seeing this.

Working in a lab and 100 of these guys get loose.

Someone you care about being very disappointed in you.

Being trapped in an elevator between the 90th and 91st floor.

Hearing bizarre noises when working late alone.

Being buried alive.

Failing at something very important to you.



You passed. You're courageous and ready to take on whatever life throws your way. You've become this way with the support of your family and friends, whatever religion you follow, and past obstacles you've faced.

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You didn't pass. It's cool though because that means you're very cautious when approaching sketchy or unknown situations. You're the person in the horror film who would want to have a well thought-out plan before camping in the woods. We could use more people like you!

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Neither Pass Nor Fail

Neither Pass Nor Fail

You seemed to have broken our quiz.... hmm... you didn't pass or fail! This actually shows how balanced of a person you are. You have fears that stop you dead in your tracks, but you don't let them hold you there for very long. You're also very encouraging.

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