How Culturally Savvy Are You?

It can be easy to commit a cultural faux pas when travelling abroad or meeting people from other cultures. Take our just-for-fun quiz and see how you fare.

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On Oct 28, 2015
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In Greece, any signal that involves showing your open palm is considered very offensive (e.g. waving or making a "stop" sign). So how should you wave goodbye to someone in Greece?

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In Japan, blowing your nose in public is considered:

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In China, Taiwan, and much of the Far East, belching is considered:

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Refusing coffee, water or food from your hosts is the ultimate sign of disrespect in:

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In Russia, smiling whilst doing business is:

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In most of the Middle and Far East, it is considered an insult to point your feet or to display them in any way towards:

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In most Asian countries, a business card is seen as:

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Russians often conduct business dinners along with some vodka. Why is declining a glass considered rude?

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Chewing gum can assist dental hygiene, but in many parts of the world, chewing gum in public is considered vulgar. Where?

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When dining in China, why should you leave some food on your plate at each course?

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