What Kind Of Travel Companion Are You?

You choose the friends you travel with carefully, making sure you enjoy your time together, but do you know what kind of travel companion you are for others?
Take the test and find out!

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Frontier London Headquarters
Created by Frontier London Headquarters
On Sep 3, 2015

How do you prefer to travel?

Where do you like to stay?

How do you make decisions on your trip?

Your friend isn't feeling well so...

Pictures of your trip are...

Pick one

Memories of your trip...

The Good Friend

The Good Friend

You are a good friend.

You are always there for you friends. On your trip, everyone should have a good time - together. You don't mind putting the needs of others ahead of your own.

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The Leader

The Leader

You are a leader.

Travelling together is great, but someone needs to take the lead and that is usually you. You plan where and when you're going, who is responsible for what and when you should take a break.

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The Adventurer

The Adventurer

You are an adventurer.

Travelling together is great, but it is also about adventure and you thrive on it! Sometimes that means doing your own thing for a while to ensure you make the most of your trip!

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