Which Bird Of Prey Are You?

Known for their speed, strength and smarts, birds of prey have a a pretty cool reputation in the animal kingdom. Find out which bird of prey you are!

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On Aug 9, 2017

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You are an Owl!

You are wise, and as a result of that perhaps a bit of a loner. But you know where your priorities lie, and that's loyalty to your family and friends. Despite your calm exterior, you are not afraid to stand up for those you care about.

There are roughly 225 species of owls in the world, and are spread across a wide range of habitats, although most prefer forests and woodlands. Some of even adapted to living in urban and suburban areas! Most owls are crepuscular (meaning active in low light) or nocturnal creatures, and are carnivores who eat a variety of creatures including fish, insects and larger mammals. Despite their reputation for calm and wisdom, they can be extremely territorial and will attack when their owlets are in danger.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

You got Bald Eagle!

Your sharp wit is the envy of your friends. You never miss a beat, and are always ready to swoop in with a clever comment or controversial opinion. Sometimes your words can get you into trouble - but you don't let that bother you!

Named because of it's white head (this was during a time when bald meant white, not hairless) the Bald Eagle is know for its impressive predatory skills - it's eyesight is at least four times as sharp of that of a human. It's hooked beak can slice through skin and its talons can pierce flesh.

White Headed Vulture

White Headed Vulture

You're a White Headed Vulture!

An early bird, you're always the first to rise in your household and truly savour those first few hours that you have to yourself. You're not too bothered by social standards, and stick to what you want to do. If that means a bit of a loner, then so be it - you know you're doing what is right for you!

Like other vultures, the White Headed Vulture has adapted to feeding on carcasses, but is also capable of killing small prey. Both their bill and talons are extremely sharp and can rip through skin and flesh. The White Headed Vulture flies out of its nest earlier than most other vultures, and is usually first to arrive at the carcasses. Known as the 'aloof' vultures, they will usually stay on the fringe of vulture groups and feed alone or in pairs.



You are an Osprey!

No matter how hard you try, you just can't sit still! Always on the lookout for activity and fun, you're constantly exploring for adventure. You have an enthusiastic attitude to everything, and are ready to take on any challenge!

Commonly seen soaring over shorelines, these birds have the ability to dive into water to catch their prey, feet first. They can be found around almost all bodies of water, including saltmarshes, reservoirs and even coral reefs. An Osprey may log more than 160,000 migration miles during its 15-to-20-year lifetime.