QUIZ: Which Outdoor Activity Is Your Destiny?

If you're stuck wondering what should be your next adventure, take our quiz to find out which outdoor activity is your destiny!

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On Feb 1, 2017

Do you prefer a warm or cool climate?

Land, sea or air?

How brave are you?

Are you an animal or landscape person?

Are you an introvert or extrovert

Do you prefer a fast or slow paced lifestyle?

Which continent would you choose to visit?

Do you want to work while you travel?

Are you someone who loves to get stuck in?

Are you afraid of the Ocean?



So you got Windsurfing?! Water sports are clearly your calling and what better way to dive right in with Windsurfing! Experience the sun, sea and sand as you top up your tan and get that windswept look in Greece!

Follow the link for Frontier's Greece Learn To Windsurf Project!



Your result is Kayaking! You enjoy taking life at your own pace, which makes Kayaking perfect for you! Take a dip in the ocean and float along the calm waters of Canada. Who knows what animals may come along for the ride?

Follow the link for Frontier's Canada Kayak with Orca's Project!



You got Hiking! It's no surprise that you belong outdoors close to the animals. You clearly are one with nature and your love for both exercise and breathtaking scenery makes this the perfect activity for you! Break a sweat as you reach for the top in Tanzania!

Follow the link for Frontier's Tanzania Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Project!




You got Skiing! Woah, you are certainly one adrenaline junkie! You love taking risks and going as fast as you can, that's what makes skiing the perfect outdoor sport for you! Glide down the dramatic ice slopes of New Zealand as you race your friends!

Follow the link for Frontier's new Zealand 6 Mountain Ski Safari Project!

Ranch Work

Ranch Work

Oh, you got Ranch Work? I guess it was obvious with your love for animals! You don't mind getting your hands dirty if it means you get to look after some of natures beloved creatures! So slip on your boots and get stuck in the mud because you belong on the ranch in Australia!

Follow the link for Frontier's Australia Outback Ranch Work Project!

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