QUIZ: Which Monkey Are You?

Celebrate #MonkeyDay by seeing which one of our cousins most matches your personality

Frontier London Headquarters
On Dec 14, 2016

How would you describe yourself?

How often do you have a lazy day?

If you were a monkey you would enjoy ____ the most

You are a...

You would most like to visit...

You are an...

You would say your best feature is...

When it comes to food you are...



You are a Baboon! You are brave individual who will sometime venture into unknown human terrtory for food and even eat fish! You have a boisterous bottom that you use for sexual displays to attract mates. You are found in South Africa where you forage on the ground in the svannah and open grasslands.

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White-Headed Capuchin

White-Headed Capuchin

You are a very social able and not very territorial. Your beautiful tail is useful for getting around in the jungle of Costa Rica, however, you are not afraid to venture to the ground in search of food. Your diet is mainly fruit and nuts and you prefer to stick to what you know you like. Your jungle habitat is under threat from deforestation and with Costa Rica holding the highest density of your kind it is very important to save it!

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You are a Gibbon! You are very social but also very territorial. You do not have a varied diet as you 60% of it is fruits. Your long arms and legs makes you the master of swinging through the trees of South East Asia. Most species of Gibbon are Endangered due to deforestation.

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Crested Black Macaque

Crested Black Macaque

You are a Crested Black Macaque! Found only in Sulawesi, an Indonesian island, you are a social animal living in large family groups. You are fussy eater and 70% of your diet consists of fruit. Living on an island makes you more vulnerable to hunting and deforestation, meaning you are Critically Endangered.

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