Do You Remember These Classic Sci-Fi Movies?

Think you know Sci-Fi Movies? Find out here!

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A Trip To The Moon is widely considered the first ever Sci-Fi film. What year did it come out?

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Which monster bears the name of the doctor who created him through technology and science?

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This classic based on an H.G. Wells' novel was recently remade starring Guy Pierce:

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This order of Warrior Monks are the central theme in the Star Wars films.

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This relatively new Sci-Fi classic is best categorized as "The Shining" in space.

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What does Bowman become at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

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What movie features the possibility that any one could be an android and not even know it?

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In the movie, "The Thing," what is the villain of the movie?

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In the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, what is Klaatu's purpose?

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This Sci-Fi classic was based on a novel that was read aloud the radio, where many thought it was real!

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This dystopian Sci-Fi classic featured a society without books and people drugged into submission:

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In the Sci-Fi classic, "Them!" Who is destroying the city?

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The movie, "Metropolis," is about...

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What classic Sci-Fi movie was the first feature film adaptation of "The Island of Dr. Moreau?

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This Sci-Fi classic was banned in Britain for decades and contains the famous scene, "Singing in the Rape".

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In what Sci-Fi classic from the 70s does the population get euthanized at age 30?

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This 50s Sci-Fi classic tells the tale of a stranded aliens repairing their ship, and a town trying to kill them.

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