Which Fratelli Saraceni wine are you?

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Fratelli Saraceni
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Where would you choose to live?

What is your favorite meal of the day?

If you knew you'd die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

Choose your ideal vacation.

What do you think when you see a beautiful sunset?

What do you think about most? The past, the present, or the future?

It's your best friend's birthday, how do you celebrate?

It's Friday night, what are your plans?

You just won the lottery, what do you do?

What is your favorite movie genre?



You are… Blumond!

You are outgoing, creative and not afraid to be yourself. You see the world with your own, unique perspective and crave fun and social activities. You love to travel and experience new things but you are always well rooted and stick firm to your beliefs. Pop open a bottle of our Italian blue sparkling wine and dream up your next adventure! #LiveInBlue


Blumond, the Italian Blue Sparkling Wine made from Prosecco grapes with an added flavor of fresh, sweet peach. Blumond is a velvety and seductive sparkling wine that is deliciously fruity and presented in an exclusive and well recognizable bottle.
It has an unmistakable taste and a gentle perlage… for a unique experience.

Volare Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit

Volare Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit

You are… Volare Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit!

You are fun, playful and a little bit mischievous. You are a true friend and genuinely care about people. Keeping a positive attitude is something you’ve never had trouble with, even on the darkest of days. Pair your sparkling personality with a glass of Volare Pinot Grigio & Pink Grapefruit. #WowYourSenses


“Possibly the jewel in the crown of our range, Volare Pinot Grigio is a rich, fruity, full bodied style, and will sit fantastically well with light meats, seafood, cheese, as a chic aperitif or even as a “toast” style drink. In its elegant bottle it makes also an ideal & glamour gift.

We’re really proud of Volare… something excellent to share with our family, friends and guests. A rich intense wine that will wow your senses. From our family to yours.”

Volare, the new iconic Italian wine created from Pinot Grigio and an added hint of sweet pink grapefruit.



You are… Splendia!

You are the hopeless romantic, you believe in silver linings and look for the good in everyone you meet. Every corner of your life is filled with passion and you pour your heart and soul into everything that you do. You enjoy intimate gatherings but jump at the chance to throw a good party. Set the mood and grab your Splendia, the night is young! #StrawberryPassion


Splendia is an Italian sweet sparkling wine made from Merlot grapes with an added hint of natural strawberry aroma.

Are you looking for a light, delicate and fruity alternative to the usual sparkling wines? Look no farther than Splendia. It is perfect to have with dessert or after dinner and also makes a great aperitif; making it ideal for many occasions.

Splendia… strawberry passion for your special moments.

Prosecco DOC

Prosecco DOC

You are… Prosecco DOC!

You are charming and cultured. You enjoy celebrating life’s many opportunities and are usually the first at the table to make a toast. You know what you like and aren’t afraid to indulge in it. Pop open the bubbly and enjoy the evening with our Prosecco DOC. #ProseccoDOC


A sparkling wine in which the typicality and the tradition emerge net. An excellent Extra Dry Prosecco, characterized by fruity and floral bouquet with a versatile, gentle and very pleasing perlage.

Excellent as an aperitif, it is a sparkling wine perfect also for all occasions.

Libero Chianti DOCG

Libero Chianti DOCG

You are… Libero Chianti!

You are well balanced and wise. You are the expert in your field and enjoy learning everything you possibly can about the subjects you love. You know that life is short and therefore enjoy the simple things and rituals in your daily routine. You can’t wait to see the world and respect and cherish each culture as if it was your own. You know a good red wine when you taste it, that’s why Libero Chianti is your perfect drink. #LiberoChianti


Bright ruby red of medium intensity, typical of the traditional Chianti. Rich bouquet of cherries and berries, hints of violet with a long and delicate spice and the refreshing acidity typical of Sangiovese, expertly combined with the softness of Merlot.
Delicately fresh and velvety on the palate, with a soft finish and enriched by elegant tannins.

Libero Super Tuscan

Libero Super Tuscan

You are… Libero Super Tuscan!

You are innovative and intelligent. You aren’t afraid to be the leader and never lose an opportunity that comes your way. You walk into a room with confidence and always stand out from the crowd. Your impeccable sense of style and taste gain you the respect and trust of those around you. There’s no question of what to bring to the party, Libero Super Tuscan is your ideal drink! #LiberoSuperTuscan


Libero Super Tuscan has an intense ruby red color with aromas of ripe red berry fruit, black cherry, hints of cacao, and sweet spices. It is full-bodied and vigorous on the palate, has a rich fruit and spice flavor and a classic refreshing acidity.

Persistent and perfectly balanced, this wine has impeccable style both in structure and round tannins.

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