Find your perfect franchisee match

Is your current lead strategy getting you a million first dates, but no commitment? Do your leads seem great online but turn out to be duds? Are they putting out the vibe that they’re interested but never return your calls?

Take our two-minute quiz to find out if your lead strategies are getting you to the final commitment ceremony or you’re losing out on great relationships.

Franchise Business Review
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On Sep 21, 2017

Do websites you use to capture leads require candidates to submit inquiries individually?

How quickly do you respond to leads via phone?

Do you share actual franchisee feedback (positive and negative) with candidates?

Do you have a content campaign designed to take your relationship to the next level?

Do your lead gen profiles showcase your brand’s true personality?

Do you make it all about you?

Are you upfront about what you bring to the relationship - strengths AND weaknesses ?

Do you ask what went wrong when things don’t work out?

Do you try to rekindle old leads?

You’ve got all the right moves!

You’ve got all the right moves!

You’re doing what it takes to attract qualified leads and build lasting relationships based on trust and transparency.

Time to stop playing the field.

Time to stop playing the field.

You may be getting a lot of inquiries, but most of them won’t be ready to take your relationship to the next level.

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