College Football Or The NFL: Think You Know The Difference?

Think you really know football? Prove it! Take this quiz to test your knowledge on the difference between College Football play and the NFL.

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Created by FOX Sports
On Jan 12, 2017
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Goal posts are the same size in both College Football and the NFL.

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Receivers only need one foot in bounds for a completed catch in …

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Contact is necessary to be ruled down in...

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The clock doesn’t stop when a team gets a first down in…

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All plays are subject to review in …

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The defense can score on a blocked extra point or two-point conversion only in College Football.

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If a player loses his helmet in College Football, he has to sit out the next play.

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The defensive holding penalty is 10-yards in both the NFL and College Football.

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Coaches have multiple challenges in…

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There is no two-minute warning before the half and regulation in College Football.

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There is a kickoff in overtime in…

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In overtime, teams works from the 25 yard line in…

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Both NFL and College Football can have games end in ties.

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