The Life and Works of JM Barrie

Born on May 9th 1860 there is more to Mr Barrie than just Peter Pan.

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On May 9, 2016
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What do the initials JM stand for?

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Of the 10 Barrie children what number was JM?

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When JM was 6 his elder brother died in a skating accident. To his grieving mother he became ‘the boy who never grew up’ is this true or false?

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Barrie’s first success was a play that was a parody of another playwright’s work – which playwright?

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Barrie married Mary Ansell in 1894, what was her profession?

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Written in 1902 which highly successful stage play of Barrie’s is about an aristocratic family and their servants being shipwrecked on a desert island?

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What is the subtitle of Peter Pan?

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The story of Peter Pan first appeared in what genre?

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What is the name of the Island in Peter Pan?

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In Greek mythology who is Pan?

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Which political battle did Barrie fight for?

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Which London hospital did Barrie give the rights of Peter Pan to?

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In the play version of Peter Pan one actor usually plays which two roles?

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Wendy is nearly killed by which Lost Boy?

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In the battle with Peter how does Captain Hook die?

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The Darlings have a very unusual nursemaid called Nana – what is she?

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What are the names of the two Darling brothers?

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The name Wendy was created when a little friend of Barrie’s who couldn’t pronounce her r’s properly called him Friendy – therefore Fwendy. Is this story true or false?

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When a child says ‘I don’t believe in fairies’ what happens?

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Four years after the publication of Peter Pan Barrie wrote a final chapter of the story, what is it called?

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