All Things Agatha Christie

Born on September 15th 1890 Agatha Christie was one of literature’s most prolific writers – and her life wasn’t too far removed from one of her plots. This quiz celebrates this popular crime writer, her life and her works.

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On Sep 15, 2017
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What was Agatha’s maiden name?

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Which European country does Hercule Poirot come from?

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Christie’s second husband was knighted in his own right – for services to what?

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Christie’s first success. Which of her famous detectives did it feature?

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How many days did Christie go missing for in December 1926?

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What is Christie’s best selling novel?

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Miss Marple lives in what fictional village?

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What was Christie’s pseudonym for some of her novels?

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Which character’s name from N or M led to Christie being investigated by MI5 in 1941?

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18th November 2012 saw The Mousetrap reach how many London performances?

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Two of her characters - Thomas and Prudence Beresford – are better known as what?

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In which novel is the first victim called Linnet Ridgeway?

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What novel was Miss Marple’s last case?

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Which Christie novel was declared the best crime novel ever written – voted for by over 600 fellow crime writers?

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Where did Christie work during World War 1 where she learned a great deal about poisons?

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Which novel opens with eight people arriving on a small, isolated island off the Devon coast?

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Most of the action of which novel happens in a snowdrift near Vinkovci?

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Which novel takes its title from Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott?

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Which of Christie’s detectives says, “Unless you are good at guessing, it is not much use being a detective.”

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Which Christie title is taken from a line in Macbeth?

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Finish the title of this Christie novel: Five Little ---.

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Which writer is the only one to beat Christie in the ‘best seller of all time’ list?

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Appointment with Death is set where?

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Who was the character of Miss Marple based on?

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Which novel is set in the 1st World War in a manor house in Essex?

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