JOE Football Quiz: Week 10

Weekly football quiz

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On Jun 9, 2017
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Round One: England managers - Who did Sam Allardyce leave to manage England?

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Which former England manager resigned in the toilets after losing to Germany at Wembley?

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Which of these England managers did NOT take the team to the semi-finals of a tournament?

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Which England manager played the most times for the country? (57 caps)

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Round Two: Crap computer game likenesses - Who is this meant to be? (PES)

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Which former Man United player is this supposed to be? (PES)

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He plays for Man United... (FIFA 16)

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Who the hell is this supposed to be? (PES)

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Round Three: Sir Alex Ferguson quotes - "___ had some of these traits. I knew his family background... I’m not saying that’s a reason to hire
someone but you like to see good foundations in someone appointed to such
high office" - Who was Ferguson speaking about?

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"He has the most savage tongue
you can imagine. He can debilitate the most confident person in the world in seconds with that tongue. What I noticed about him that day as I was arguing with him was that his eyes started to narrow, almost to wee black beads. It was
frightening to watch. And I’m from Glasgow" - Who was Ferguson speaking about?

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"___ had a gift for producing great moments in games... But as time wore on, I felt he struggled more and more to do it for 90 minutes, and he
seemed to tire in games" - Who was Ferguson referring to?

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"It could have been 20. It actually reached the point where I felt – please, no more goals. It was a humiliation for ___. The climate at ___ was hardly serene to begin with. But we played some fantastic football that day" - Who was Ferguson speaking about?

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Round Four: Confederations Cup - Who will host this year's tournament?

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Who won the 2013 Confederations Cup?

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Who did Spain beat 10-0 in that tournament?

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Which of these nations has won the Confederations Cup?

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