BTS Dating Game (RPG)

You are a transfer student in BigHit academy in Seoul Korea (P.S Please don't go harsh on me) You met seven students and guess what? C'mon!

Jeon Irene
Created by Jeon Irene
On Mar 29, 2017

Hello~! I'm Jungkook Oppa's little sister, Irene~! Call me Ire (Pronounced as Eerie or Airi)

(RPG Starting)
You were a transfer student in BigHite academy as you heard a voice that called out "Help! help!" What would you do?

You ended up saving the person and he smiled at you "Thanks, my name is Park Jimin, what's yours?"

What ever you said made him smile and burst in laughter, you raised a brow "What are you laughing at?" He looked at you and replied "Nope, I just faked that help sound, an by the way I was hoping for a certain person to come save me"

A boy came running "Jimin hyung!" Jimin turned that way "Ah, Taetae--"
You raised a brow 'Who is that?' you thought.

-How many boys were there-

(The right answer is Two)
Another boy came and he looked like a familiar friend of yours, he walked towards Jimin "Hyung, were going to be late if you just stay here"

"Oh, and by the way F/n. He's my cutie pie Jeon Jungkook"
The name sounded familiar, surname I presume.

"And, this is Kim Taehyung my brother--"
"Liar!" Jungkook hits his head.
"But Kooookie~!" Jimin pouted, he looked happy though.

As you transferred to BigHit Academy, it was pass 2 years ago from now when you first met Jimin. You soon became friends with his friends and they were called BTS. You were a popular girl in school, well, there was one named Kai who's Top 1 on the most popular, but at least you were Top 3. Jimin voted for you as well as the other members, so is Seokjin who thinks of you as his own child, and you call him Eomma. You think of Jungkook as your father but you just call him Oppa instead of Appa.
Namjoon as your big bro, Hoseok as your second big bro, and Yoongi as your favorite Little bro *Even though he's older than you*
Jimin was your most trusted servant. And you were the Princess, originally Seokjin was the princess. But when you are around you get to take the Princess' seat.
Jimin suddenly grabbed you hand when you were about to open the locker, he looked panicked and he was sweaty.

As he took you out on an abandoned place, what did you feel?

Then you noticed, all of the boys were there. "Um, what's going on?" You asked, Jimin placed his index finger on your lips saying that you should be quiet.

Each of them started to confess to you, and you seem to be flattered. You can't pick one at all. Who would you pick?

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