How much do you know about the strange history of medicine?

Test your knowledge of wondrous & wacky medical objects from history with trivia from "A History of Medicine in 50 Objects".

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What condition did the iron lung treat?

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What was the early medical use of Cannibis Sativa (hemp seed)?

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True or false: during the middle ages, many physicians refused to perform surgery so barber-surgeons took on the task.

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The Bergonic chair was invented during the First World War. What was its medical use?

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Pictured are Francis Crick and James Watson. What medical breakthrough are they credited with discovering?

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What is the machine in this picture used for?

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In the late 18th century, German doctor Franz Mesmer invented a new technique for treating mental illness. What was it called?

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True or false: the mortality rate among plague doctors was high, as their macabre protection masks offered no real protection.

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Public dissections were a common source of entertainment in the 17th century. Which Dutch master painted this scene?

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Dr Willem Kolff first successfully treated a patient using his rotating drum kidney machine in 1945. What household objects did he use to build his prototype?

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