Can We Actually Trust What We See?

Are there things that cannot be explained? Or is it just our eyes playing tricks on us? Take a look at this interesting experiment!

Benny Blanco
Created By Benny Blanco
On Mar 13, 2017
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Every day you take for granted that what you see with your own eyes is the truth and reality - well in fact it may be not
Professor Vittorio Premuda of the Altman Institute

Is that object moving? Was that a ghost?
World renowned neurologist Professor Vittorio Premuda has put together a series of experiments that make you realize that what you thought you saw...may not be so!
Maybe we shouldn't trust in what we see... Let's take a closer look!

The truth is all the lines in the image are perfectly straight and not bent in the slightest!

Are you convinced? Or do you still believe that things like ghosts and UFOs do exist? Let us know in the comments below!