How Well Do You Know Slang Of World War 2?

Be a champ and test your knowledge of World War II slang, old chap. Take the test and share your score... The classic Battle Of Britain film, ANGELS ONE FIVE lands on Blu-ray and DVD, fully remastered on 24th August. Visit for more details.

Fetch Publicity
Created by Fetch Publicity
On Jul 17, 2016
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During the Battle Of Britain, the term 'Ring Twitch' would refer to what?

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What would be meant by the request to 'brew up'?

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Which of the following terms is least likely to be used to mean everything is okay?

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Eggs and Fish would refer to what?

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The term 'Gone for six' would be used to describe a person who...

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The slang term 'Devil's Piano' would mean what?

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If you were to hear the name 'Tommy' used during World War II by the British, what would it be likely referring to?

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What would the WWII slang phrase 'Angels One Five' mean?

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