QUIZ: Solar-powered cars

Yep, we're being serious! See how much you know about a breed of car that gets all it's energy from the Sun.

Fergus Wood
Created By Fergus Wood
On Apr 9, 2018
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What is DUSC's (DUEM's solar-powered car) top speed?

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How far must a car drive to complete the prestigious World Solar Challenge?

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How much does DUSC weigh?

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Talking of efficiency, how much power does the car need to travel at a steady cruising speed?

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TRUE or FALSE: Solar cars can travel at night?

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In what year was the world's first ever solar car built?

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How much did it cost to build DUSC, DUEM's current solar car?

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To date, DUEM have competed in four international solar car events - can you guess which race was FIRST?

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