Could You Actually Get Away With Murder? Take This Quiz Instead Of Trying

True crime documentaries are all the rage right now. Perhaps you've watched one and said to yourself "I wonder if I could get away with murder." Since you should never try and find out for sure, take this quiz instead.

Fergal Gallows
On Oct 25, 2018

Which of the answers below is something you SHOULD do before you murder someone.

A police officer informs you that your spouse (who you murdered) was found dead. Select the question which police officers are expecting an innocent person to ask.

Scenario: A police officer asks you where you were the previous night. Select the answer below which you feel would be the best thing to say to the officer.

Where is the best place to dispose of a body?

Scenario: You have just been arrested and placed in a cell with another prisoner. Select the best way to approach the situation.

Name the type of DNA that you DO want to leave at a crime scene.

Scenario: A crime boss named Mr. Big wants to bring you into their crime family and pay you handsomely. They only ask that you admit to having killed someone in your past. How do you handle the situation?