Are You In the Wrong Multi-Verse? Take This Test To See If You’re The Wrong You. 

The multi-verse theory is exploding at the moment. Not only is the multi-verse theory a possibility but it's also possible you have switched multi-verses with another version of yourself. Take this quiz to see if you are in the wrong multi-verse and the wrong you..

Fergal Gallows
On Nov 13, 2018

Has there been recent conflict in your life? This could be a disagreement with friends, family, co-workers where negative comments were said to one another.

Do you look older or younger than people you know who are of the same age?

Do you have memory of (or partial memories of) ever passing through a wormhole or black hole?

Have friends or family members commented recently that you seem different?

Have you noticed your ability to tell how much time has passed is not as good as it used to be? Do your days all seem to blend together?

The spelling of a popular children's book has been used as evidence of the multi-verse theory. People tend to remember the spelling differently, indicating some people are remembering the books from how they appeared in an alternate universe.
Select the proper spelling (in this universe) of the children's book below.

Do you ever see your doppelganger? This is a person who bares a striking resemblance to you.

Finally, do bad things seem to follow you around?



Yes, we're sorry to inform you but you have switch multi-verses. The universe is trying to push you back to your world and won't stop until it succeeds.



Nope! You're the right version of you and have not traveled to another multi-verse.