Are You A Stress Eater? Answer These Questions For Real Answers

Our relationship with food is more complicated than we like to admit sometimes. We need food to live and to fuel us through our days but sometimes people can develop unhealthy associations with food, even healthy food. Find out if you are a stress eater by taking this quiz.

Fergal Gallows
On Nov 13, 2018

Do you get random food cravings out of nowhere? These would be for a specific type of food at times when you don't normally eat a meal.

How often do you eat while engaged in other tasks such as driving or working?

How often do you eat "large snacks". By "large snacks" we mean binge-eating snack foods until you are full rather than eating a full meal.

How often do you engage in "graze eating". This type of eating refers to constantly nibbling on food throughout the day without stopping to eat and digest a meal.

What is the average length of time you go without eating before bed?

Do you ever reward yourself or allow yourself to have a certain type of food (usually a dessert or a beloved food from your childhood) if you've had a hard or long day?

Do you have trouble losing weight even when keeping a regular exercise schedule?

How often do you feel guilty after eating a large meal or snack?



You are a stress-eater. Many others are the same. When you find yourself eating when you don't have to, consider doing something else instead.



Congrats! You don't let your emotions control your eating habits and that is something easier said than done.