How Dark Is Your Personality According To Scientists?

Do you have a ruthless streak? Psychologists believe the dark side of your personality might help you succeed in life.

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It's not wise to tell your secrets.

I like to use clever manipulation to get my way.

Whatever it takes, you must get the important people on your side.

I avoid direct conflict with others because they may be useful in the future.

It’s wise to keep track of information that you can use against people later when you want to strike.

You should wait for the right time to get back at people.

Most people can be easily manipulated.

People see me as a natural leader.

Many group activities tend to be dull without me.

I am an average person.

I like to get revenge on authorities.

People often say I’m out of control.

I’ll say almost anything to get what I want.

Extremely Dark!

Extremely Dark!

Lurching in the dark corners and back rooms with your dubious and cunning power plays, you're moderately machiavellian! Based on your answers, it's clear that you have a strong inclination to manipulate and out-manoeuvre your foes. You are one to often justify the means to achieve the desired outcome. You're highly intelligent, a born leader, and draw your victims to your power grasp like moths to the flame. However, you're only moderately machiavellian. Your cunning wickedness is checked by your inner moral compass and rarely gets out of control! We fully expect to see you ruling a country someday!

Moderately Evil!

Moderately Evil!

Walking on the dark side of humanity with your ruthless streak, you're moderately nefarious! You're not afraid to use any means necessary to get what you want. You have a naturally seductive pull that easily allows you to take advantage of others and get what you want. Nothing can stop you once you've made up your mind and you're very difficult to read, making it all the easier to hide behind your sexy and alluring facade. However, you're only moderately nefarious. Your wicked streak is kept in balance by your better, more compassionate qualities. You will go far in life!

A Total Psychopath!

A Total Psychopath!

Lost in the dark corridors of your mind, you're moderately psychopathic. You've always been unique and misunderstood by your peers. You were most likely bullied at some point by those that simply couldn't appreciated your unique perspective on life. You sometimes live in a completely different reality and exhibit abnormal and anti-social behaviors. Let's face it, sometimes you're down right creepy. However, you're only moderately psychopathic. You're inner darkness is balanced out by your incredible intelligence and creativity. So, stop collecting dead stuff and make some art! You'll be famous!

You Exhibit No Symptoms of Evil

You Exhibit No Symptoms of Evil

You're a completely balanced and grounded individual with healthy amounts of altruism, self-interest and emotional empathy. Based on your answers, you exhibit no signs or symptoms of evil. You're one of the rare ones who has made it through this world unscathed by the evil lurking around every corner. You're an angel!

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