Are You A Princess Or A Queen?

Are you a carefree princess or a powerful queen? Let's reveal your inner royal personality!

Felix Stablum
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On Jun 7, 2018

Which do you prefer: dogs or cats?

Fancy or casual?

Long term relationship or one night stand?

Spring or Fall?

Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Manroe?

Sweet or spicy?

Power or freedom?

Mountains or beach?

Vodka or wine?

Pink or purple?

Kim Kardashian or Caitlyn Jenner?

Urban or rural?

Beyonce or Lady Gaga?

Coffee or tea?

Asking questions or answering questions?

You are a Princess

You are a Princess

You're a princess! Carefree, imaginative, passionate and a true romantic at heart, you're a irresistible princess waiting for her knight in shining armor! You're a free spirit with a passion for adventure, new ideas, new people and endless possibilities. You know deep down that you're important and that you only deserve the best. The world is your oyster and you go through life with a light heart enjoying all of the incredible things that life has to offer. Sensitive and intuitive, you have deep compassion for those around you and you easily inspire them with your charm. You are the manifestation of beauty and grace, a true princess!

You are a Queen

You are a Queen

All hail your Royal Highness, you are a queen! You're a diva at heart with a passion for power. You're intelligent, successful and a natural born leader. People are drawn to your rare energy with a devotion that makes you feel like the queen you truly are. You're wise beyond your years and you have little tolerance for the nonsense of those clearly beneath you. You're not arrogant, you simply run the the show and everyone knows it. You strongly influence those around you and your powerful aura draws lovers and admirers to you like moths to the flame.

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