Quiz: 1992 Wembley final

Show off your knowledge of Barça history by taking our quiz about Barça first ever in the competition

FC Barcelona
Created By FC Barcelona
On May 17, 2017
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Before finally lifting the European Cup, Barça had lost in the final twice in...?

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Barça and Sampdoria had already met in a European final. Which one?

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Who are the two players celebrating with the trophy?

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Who was the Sampdoria captain for the Wembley final?

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How many previous European Cup finals had been played at Wembley Stadium?

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Which Barça player wore the number 9 in the final?

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Which Barça player was suspended for the final?

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Which team wore their away kit?

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Who was Barça's top scorer in that European Cup campaign?

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Of all the players in the Barça squad, who was the only one to have previously won the European Cup?

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