You Don’t Have to Be a Billionaire to Ace This Quiz on the World’s Richest People

How much do you know about the world's richest people and their jaw-dropping fortunes?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 15, 2023
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Do you know who's at the top of the financial food chain? From Elon Musk to Warren Buffett, the rich and famous are always in the news, but how much do you know about these billionaires who are raking in the dough? Well, if you think you can get an extravagant score here, then dive straight into our quiz that will require you to flex your money IQ.

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Who's currently the richest person in the world?

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Which of these 3 people dropped out of college?

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Who's the founder and CEO of the ride-sharing company Uber?

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Whose home is called Xanadu 2.0?

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Who recently became the first professional athlete to rank among America’s 400 wealthiest people?

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Which luxury fashion brand do the billionaire brothers Alain and Gerhard Wertheimer now co-own?

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Who founded the spaceflight company Blue Origin?

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Who's the current richest woman in the world? (2023)

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Which retailer are Jim, Rob, and Alice Walton heirs to?

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What did Elon Musk name his debut scent?

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If you suddenly became a billionaire, what would be the first thing you splurge on? 

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