Watch Out for These Signs That Say You Need a Digital Detox

Is it time to put down the device and step away from the screen?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Sep 15, 2023
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Let's keep it real for a second here – we know we can't live without technology, or our smartphones and devices, for that matter. The problem starts when we reach the stage where our smartphones are practically attached to our hands, and good, old-fashioned human interaction goes out the window. What's the solution, you ask? Don't worry, it's not throwing away your devices and moving to a cabin in the woods. Instead, it's about heeding the signs that say it's time to take a break from the digital world. So, before you check your notifications for the hundredth time today, first dive into the signs that say it's time to unplug and recharge.


Your Phone Stresses You Out


You're Tired All. The. Time.


You've Become Familiar With Being Overwhelmed


You Can't Fall Asleep


You're Feeling Disconnected


You're Experiencing Burnout


You Are Unusually Concerned With Your Social Presence

Are you more attached to your phone or your BFF? 

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