Want To Get Your Resume Noticed? Avoid Making These Mistakes To Land Your Dream Job

A re-vamp might just be on the cards if your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Here’s how to ace your CV writing skills.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jan 5, 2022

If you’ve been sending your resume out only to find that it’s not translating into interviews, it’s time to step up your game. The first thing you do is make your CV and check it twice. Here are the mistakes you should be careful to not spot when doing this. Follow these tips and you will have employers beating down your door.

>> 7 Things You Should Avoid Doing On a Job Interview


Keep it professional

Include your full name in your email id and leave the quirky handles out.


Check your contact details

Even a tiny error in your contact details can result in an employer not being able to get hold of you.


Leave out the excess personal details

You don’t need to include your political leanings, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or ethnicity in your CV.


Not doing a spellcheck

An error-free CV is a basic and non-negotiable requirement for any job.


Not being honest

You need to be able to back your CV up with actual skills when called on to do so.

Are You Making These Resume Mistakes That Are Stopping You From Being Hired In Your Dream Role?

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Once you write your CV, you…

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Your CV should be…

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It’s best to write your CV in the…

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Ideally, you should opt for…

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It’s fine to fudge or embellish some minor details on your CV…

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Spellchecks are needed only for…

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You should disclose your political or religious beliefs on your CV...

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An email id like ThebigJrocks@xxx.com is fine to use.

9 / 10

Your contact number is listed wrongly on your CV. This…

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Ideally, your CV should not be more than...

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Add specifics

It helps to add exact details about your dates, timelines, and achievements.


Write in the first person

Writing in the first person and using action verbs makes your CV look professional.


Keep it short

Keep your CV as short and concise as possible for maximum impact.

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