Throwback Time! What Do You Know About These TV BFFs?

Watching these besties gave us all the feels!

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jul 18, 2022
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One of our fave aspects of TV serials is not the characters themselves but rather the relationship between them. It’s fun to see how it plays out, especially when they are portrayed as best friends. From heartwarming friendships to relatable ones, or ones that remind us so much of our own relationships with our real-life besties, these television buddies are friendship goals, indeed. Do you remember these iconic ones?

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In Gossip Girl, our fave besties, Blair and Serena, had a Sunday morning tradition they called…

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In Grey’s Anatomy, what’s the defining line that summed up Cristina and Meredith’s friendship?

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In Friends, Rachel and Monica….

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In Big Bang Theory, which friend does Sheldon call on to sing him ‘Soft kitty, warm kitty’ when he’s sick?

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In Sex Education, ____ calls Otis his numero uno.

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In The Bold Type, what are Kat, Jane and Sutton’s fave way to deal with stress?

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In How I Met Your Mother, Ted and Marshall met when….

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In New Girl, besties CeCe is a ____, and Jess is a ____.

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In Lucifer, Maze’s best friend walks her down the aisle when she marries Eve. Who was it?

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In Stranger Things, what does Steve show Dustin how to achieve?

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