Think You Know About the World’s Strangest Currencies?

Go ahead, test how clued in you really are about money 

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Feb 21, 2023
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Now you don’t have to be a finance expert to crack this. It’s as simple as they come – simply match the currency to the right country. Yet, so few of those who attempt this quiz manages to win big. This is because all the currency we are referring to isn’t exactly just notes and coins. Confused? You’ll soon see. So, tell us, which camp do you fall under? Get, set, and go. Let’s see if your score is right on the money!

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Since 1953, the regional Italian bank Credito Emiliano, has accepted this unusual collateral for small-business loans….

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This country actually printed a 100 trillion dollar note in 2008.

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This country was the first to start using polymer banknotes in 1988, which are waterproof and extremely hard to counterfeit on account of its complex design.

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The đồng is the currency of…

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In 1997, this country had faceless bills when they defeated the regime of Joseph Mobutu and punched out his face from the country’s notes.

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In 2017, ____ designed pixelated banknotes, which were regarded as works of art.

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From the 9th to the 19th century, the people of China, Mongolia, and Tibet bricks from ___ that were then cast in a metal mold and used as currency.

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In 1946, this country introduced the 100 Quintillion Pengo, which was the largest valued banknote it had ever introduced.

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In 2018, this country’s first vertically oriented bills depicting civil rights activist Viola Desmond was regarded by The International Bank Note Society as the Bank Note of the Year.

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The currency of the ___ depicts an ancient myth about a woman and a shark that is called “Ina and the Shark”.

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Tell us if you do this too: Try and collect as many coins and notes from other countries as you can.

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