These 5 Fashion Rules Are Made To Be Broken...

We tell you how to do just this in style.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 15, 2022
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Rules, go the popular saying, are meant to be broken. Well, nowhere is this more true than in your sartorial choices. You just have to look at fashion history to see that the biggest style influencers are those who have thrown all the so-called rules out the window. Instead, they have twisted them around, added their own creative touch and had fun by owning all their looks. And in doing so, they've often made fashion history. So, if you want to be a disruptor and make heads turn with your fashion, then it's good to be bad as far as these rules are concerned.

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Break this rule: Don't mix metals

Do this

It's all about balance

While you want to add an element of visual interest, you do not want to slap on different colored metallic pieces and end up looking tacky. The key lies in clever layering, where you pick different pieces to layer on top or as close to each other as possible, such as cool necklaces of different lengths. Keep the tone and aesthetic of the pieces balanced. So, if it's whimsy you're after, stick to that.


Break this rule: Don't do denim on denim

Do this:

Denim or denim takes some work to pull off

Make sure your pieces fit and mesh well together. And stick to more than one hue. Play around with shades that range from a light to a dark wash.


Break this rule: Your shoes and bags should match

Do this

Experiment to see what works best for your personality

Play around with contrasting shades and quirky pops of color. Instead of matching them to each other, match your shoes and bag to the rest of your ensemble, like your top or skirt. If that's a bit too out there for you, tone it down by wearing solid shoes with a multicolored bag or the opposite. This allows you to be both creative and have a more cohesive look, making it a win-win.


Break this rule: Dress your age

Do this: 

Focus on what looks good on you and what you feel good wearing

Take into account your body type, the cuts and styles that suit you and the colors that bring out that personality. For instance, don't relegate prints to the back of your closet just because you think they are too busy for a certain age to wear. Embrace all your quirkiness and uniqueness when it comes to your wardrobe. You'll not only have fun with your fashion but also look fabulous.


Break this rule: Heels are a must for evenings out or the office

Do this: 

Avoid falling for the short girls must wear heels rule

Anyone can wear flats and make them look fantastic irrespective of the occasion. And by wearing flats, you are certainly not compromising on style. From velvet slippers for a night out on the town to uber-cool equestrian boots or sneakers, comfy brogues or loafers, sensually strappy sandals and sparkling ballerinas, they are enough and more styles to choose from. Make sure you invest in a quality pair, as you could find yourself feeling as uncomfortable in them as you do in heels if you opt for a cheap find. Focus on patterns that suit your foot shape, colors and embellishments. And remember, if your feet and toes are going to be exposed, loofahs and pedicures must be firmly on your radar.

Tell us, which of these rules do you avoid adding to your fashion playbook?

Alright, fashion warrior, where do you stand?

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