The Spotlight Is On the Coolest Sidekicks in This Quiz

You know the superheroes, but do you know their equally fantastic companions?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 15, 2023
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Move over, superheroes! It's time we give our attention to the unsung heroes of the story – the fabulous sidekicks. You have to admit that these folks are truly badass companions who make our favorite superheroes look even cooler. But they don’t always get the recognition or accolades they deserve, even though they are an integral part of any adventure or storyline. How much do you even know about them? It’s time to test this. 

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With his red hair, camera, and signature bow tie, The Daily Planet's long-time cub reporter and photographer doesn't wear a mask or a cape but is considered to be Superman's best pal. Can you name him?

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Unlike many other sidekicks, he actually assumed the mantle of his mentor’s identity – the mentor here being the Flash -- and he also got his powers in a freak accident. Can you name him?

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He was the first sidekick introduced by DC. Can you name him?

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This character has been at the side of Marvel characters, including the Hulk, the Avengers, Captain America, two different Captain Marvels, and even Rom: Spaceknight. Can you name him?

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Who is The Lone Ranger’s sidekick?

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She is described as a sidekick to both Big Daddy and Kick-Ass at different times, but can you name her?

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Whose loyal sidekick is Roy Harper (aka Speedy)?

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This cowardly yet loyal sidekick was tortured into his role. Can you name him?

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Once known as Aqualad, Garth was Aquaman's sidekick. He later shed this mantle, learned magic, and went on to become ____. Can you fill in the correct name?

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This character served as a sidekick for years before becoming the Oracle. Can you name her?

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Which superhero sidekick would you choose to be your partner in crime?

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