The ‘Selling Sunset’ Quiz You Have To Take If You’re A Fan

If you’ve binged watched Season 5, you’ll ace this!

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On May 19, 2022
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Season 5 of Selling Sunset was incredibly entertaining, and we’re not over the drama and the fashion. Are you? This quiz will reveal all.

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Which agent did Jason Oppenheim fall in love with, date and break up with in this season?

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How much money did Christine Quinn reportedly offer as a bribe to a client to not work with Emma Hernan?

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Who is the celebrity Emma claimed to have matched with on the Raya dating app?

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Who introduced Chelsea Lazkani to Jason when she wanted to join the Oppenheim Group?

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Where was Vanessa thinking of moving to be with her boyfriend Nick?

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"I Feel Like She's My Real Estate Soul Mate." – Who said this about who?

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What iconic purse did Christine flaunt this season?

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 Which agent is revealed to have a Master’s degree?

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What did Chelsea and Christine call their party they hosted to show off the house they were working on.

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In episode 2, Chrishell compared her relationship with Jason to which other celebrity couple?

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In previous seasons, Davina managed to get into a fight with Adnan. Which famous client did she annoy this season?

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Who did Chrishell reveal she was seeing in the Reunion episode?

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Which agent gets promoted to a managerial position this season?

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Which agent announced she was leaving The Oppenheim Group?

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