Take a Walk On the Wild Side With This Quiz on the World’s Deadliest Animals

These animals are not to be trifled with.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 24, 2023
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You might be a zoology enthusiast or an 'Animal Planet' lover, but are you ready to face the deadliest creatures in the animal kingdom? With their razor-sharp claws and venomous bites, these lethal predators will make you think twice before going on your next jungle safari. But hey, this quiz will tell you if you have the knowledge you need to survive in the wild. 

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Which herbivore’s bite comes with a force of 1,800 psi, nearly three times that of a lion?

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At 5,000 psi, which creature has the strongest bite in the world?

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Which unusual mammals have a spur in their hind legs that secretes venom into their unsuspecting victims?

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Which type of frog contains enough poison in their skin glands that just a touch can hit you with enough toxins to kill 10 grown men?

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Which creature is responsible for a deadly human disease called schistosomiasis?

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This fish is a delicacy in Japan even though just one of them contains enough toxins to kill 30 adult humans.

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Which creatures have the sharpest teeth in the animal kingdom?

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Can you name the world’s only venomous primate with a fluffy coat, over-sized eyes, and teeth that can break through bone?

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What is the longest venomous snake?

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Which wild cat starts eating its prey as soon as its victim is brought down, often while it’s still alive?

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Which would you rather face in a cage match? 

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