Ready for a Sweet Quiz on the Origins of Candy?

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Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 15, 2022
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If the word “candy” just took you back to a sweet time in your childhood, you’d be surprised to know that its origins are far spicier than you would have thought. Also, you don’t have to be a kid to find it hard to resist them, right? But can you win a quiz about these oh-so-delicious treats? Try this lip-smacking one we have lined up for you.

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The Snickers candy bar, which was introduced in 1929 by Frank and Ethel Mars, was named after their family ____.

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The lollipop was introduced to the West by George Smith of Connecticut in ___, and he named this treat after his favourite racehorse, “Lolly Pop”.

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The English word ''candy'' is derived from the Arabic word ‘qandi’, which means…

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During the Mayan and Aztec times, cacao beans were used as a form of payment.

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Chocolate contains over ___ flavor compounds, which give it a distinctive aroma.

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The word "chocolate" can be traced back to the Aztec word "xocolatl," which means ____.

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A ____ company named J.S. Fry & Sons created the world’s first chocolate bar.

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Before they were renamed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by Hershey’s, they were sold under this name…

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This chocolate company invented blonde chocolate.

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Pink-colored chocolate that tastes like berries is called...

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Cotton Candy was originally called…

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Before the invention of sugar, the Greeks used ___ to make candied fruits and flowers.

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Before the Industrial Revolution, candy was considered a form of ____.

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The candy press was invented in ____.

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This color of Jelly Bean is the most popular one.

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Daniel Peter and Henry Nestle introduced ___ chocolate in 1875.

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White chocolate isn’t technically chocolate at all.

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This US President was known to be a massive Jelly Belly jelly beans fan and received a shipment of “patriotic” beans for his inauguration.

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Wunderlee Candy Company started mass-producing candy corn in the early 1900s, and originally called it…

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Wasabi, purple sweet potato, butter, and chili have all been flavors of ___ in Japan.

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This is the rarest color in M&M's candies.

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___ is a soft candy that is chewy in texture and flavored with milk or caramel base flavoring with added colors.

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