Only a True Whitney Houston Fan Can Identify Her Songs From Just One Line

Exhale and see how many you get right.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On May 19, 2023
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Her legacy is incomparable, and her spellbinding voice ensured we fell completely and utterly under her spell. But a true Whitney fan does not need to hear the haunting notes or opening chords of her songs to be able to identify them. Just a single line is enough. Are you up for this musical challenge? Well, just know that irrespective of your score, we will always love you.

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Sometimes you'll laugh, sometimes you'll cry, life never tells us, the when's or why's...

2 / 10

What you're saying could be true, but how can I take advice from you?

3 / 10

Bitter-sweet memories, that's all I'm taking with me

4 / 10

Oh, I can sense your needs like rain onto the seeds

5 / 10

When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away

6 / 10

What's the sense of trying hard to find your dreams without someone to share it with...

7 / 10

Everybody’s searching for a hero; people need someone to look up to...

8 / 10

I've got to get ready just a few minutes more; gonna get that old feeling when you walk through that door...

9 / 10

I know it’s been some time but there’s something on my mind. You see, I haven’t been the same since that cold November day...

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If six of y’all went out, then four of you were really cheap. Because only two of you had dinner, I found your credit card receipt.

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