Only A True Taylor Swift Fan Will Be Able To Complete These Lyrics

If you’re a real Swiftie, you’ll be able to complete all T-swift’s songs in no time at all. Are you up for the challenge?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Dec 27, 2021
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So hey, let's be friends
I'm dying to see how this one ends
Grab your passport and my hand…

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Take me back to the time when we walked down the aisle
Our whole town came and our mamas cried

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All the king's horses,
All the king's men
Couldn't put me together again…

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it's a typical Tuesday night, I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like…

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But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving…

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And I used to say, "never say never"
Ah, so he calls me up and he's like, "I still love you"…

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Take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run…

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Still got scars on my back from your knife
So don't think it's in the past…

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And the saddest fear
Comes creeping in
That you never loved me…

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And realizing there's no right answer
Regretting him was like wishing you'd never found out…

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But I can't even see anyone when he's with me, He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right….

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So here I am in my new apartment
In a big city, they just dropped me off…

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