Only 10% of People Can Ace This Quiz On Homophones

Just because they sound the same doesn’t mean they have the same meaning

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 28, 2022
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English grammar can be a tricky field to navigate, we know. Add homophones – words that have a different spelling and different meaning but the same pronunciation -- to the mix, and it gets even harder. Now with this quiz, there are two camps you can fall into: those that play the fastest finger first and those who are just whizzes at this. Want to know where you fall? Easy. Just take up the challenge.

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Only the freshest ___ will do for this special cake.

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Do you really think I give two ____ about your opinion?

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There are lots of __ to unravel once you start lying.

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There is no ____ way to ___ that thesis except to start.

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The ___ parts will ensure it never rusts.

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I don’t know ___ it’s good or bad that we patched up our friendship.

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There is no doubt that your decision really ___ her.

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A ___ through the heart is a horrific way to die.

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When it comes to ___, it doesn’t get better than cornflakes.

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There’s a nip in the air, and the weather has finally turned ___.

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Let’s get a bit technical here: Homophones and Homonyms are exactly the same.

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