Can You Actually Match the Celebrity To Their Expensive Endorsement?

Money is the name of this collab game.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 15, 2022
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You know how some brands are synonymous with the celebrity they pick to be the face of the brand or product? Well, these endorsements have made both the brand and the celebrity some serious money, making them household names. How many can you get right from our list? Take this challenge and see.

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Nike mostly partners with athletes, but this recent collab with this singer celebrates her known love for baggy clothing, colors and sneakers.

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In their ‘Courage to Be Real’ campaign, COACH partnered with this hip-hop artist to showcase their clothing and promote his song, ‘STAR WALKIN’.

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Harry Styles partnered with this luxe brand to create a HA HA HA capsule collection.

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This year, Beyoncé is back with her second campaign for this brand called, ‘LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE’.

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Charlize Theron signed an 11-year contract for ___ J’adore perfume that earned her a cool $55 million.

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This actress was only 15 when she posed for the risqué Calvin Klein ad that said, "You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing."

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Michael Jordan’s first Air Jordans were launched in 1984 and had over 30 editions. Name the shoe brand behind this.

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Taylor Swift’s Diet ____ commercials featured darling kittens and earned her some serious moolah.

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Julia Roberts has worked with ___, especially on their La Vie Est Belle perfume campaign for over a decade.

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Drake has a fave soda, and his collab with them even had his lyrics being printed on their cans.

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