It's Quite Embarrassing, But Only 10% of English People Can Ace This Harry & Meghan Quiz

Are you ready to dive into the world of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 15, 2023
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Whether you're a devoted follower or just a curious bystander, whether you love them or hate them, you have to acknowledge that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex rocked the British monarchy, and we meant this literally. But how much do you know about their journey? This quiz will reveal just that. From their romantic first date to their historic exit from the royal family, we've got it all covered. Let's see if you're a true Harry and Meghan enthusiast!

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When did Harry and Meghan get married?

2 / 10

What is their son’s name?

3 / 10

What is Meghan’s real name?

4 / 10

Where did Prince Harry propose to Meghan?

5 / 10

Where did they live in Windsor?

6 / 10

In which year was Lilibet born?

7 / 10

What was the name of Prince Harry's autobiography?

8 / 10

Where was their wedding held?

9 / 10

Where do they currently live?

10 / 10

What did they pick for their wedding reception cake?

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Which of these royal wedding dresses would you choose?

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