How To Combat Zoom Fatigue

Being and feeling zoom-ed out is a real problem. Here’s how to make virtual meetings overload easier on your mind and body

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Mar 2, 2022
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Zoom fatigue is real. But whether we like it or not, virtual meetings and excessive screen time are here to stay. And as with anything in excess, it's not helping our mindsets or our bodies. In fact, studies show it can lead to difficulty in concentrating and focussing, irritability and frustration with family and colleagues, and physical symptoms that range from fatigue to pain, insomnia, exhaustion, and muscle tension. So before you burn out, use these coping strategies to give both your mind and body a break.


Take breaks

Take mini-breaks to get your focus and energy back every 45 minutes.


Sit at a desk

Invest in a well-cushioned chair and desk.


Reduce onscreen stimuli

A background that has a lot going on can be distracting and force your brain to process too many visual cues.


Pick emails and calls as far as possible

When possible, swap these virtual ones with actual calls where you pick up the phone and speak to people.

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Avoid multitasking

Constantly switching between tasks or trying to accomplish all of them simultaneously can tire your brain out faster. 

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