Looking to be More Photogenic? We've Got the Best Tips for You!

Easy tips and tricks to look fabulous and more photogenic in a heartbeat.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Apr 19, 2022
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When asked, how do you answer the question: What is photogenic? If you ask us, we would say it’s part not looking or feeling awkward, self-conscious, and uncomfortable in pictures. The other part, of course, is looking and feeling like your best, most natural self. Now comes the good bit – anyone can learn to look fabulous in pictures. All you need are these nifty tricks, and you’ll soon be well on your way to becoming more photogenic.

In this overtly digital age, it’s pretty impossible to escape being photographed. So how do you ensure that every tag doesn’t make you either cringe or play fastest fingers first to untag yourself? You simply follow these tips that will not just make you more photogenic, but will also make sure you actually have fun every time you’re snapped. Don’t say cheese, just say, “I’m fabulous”... Because with these hacks, you will soon be!

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Practice, practice, practice


Use powder


Height matters…


Play around


Don’t be afraid of props

Are You Photogenic?
Take our quiz to see if the camera loves you

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To make your arms look toned, the correct way to do the hand-on-your-hips pose is to…

2 / 10

When it comes to your lipstick, ___ shades should ideally be avoided as they have a minimizing effect.

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Getting a prop can help you relax and appear more photogenic...

4 / 10

To look better in pictures, you should…

5 / 10

Whatever is closest to the camera always seems ___.

6 / 10

Everyone has a good side and a bad side.

7 / 10

A good way to look more natural and less posed is to…

8 / 10

When you’re standing, the camera should be placed ___ you.

9 / 10

When you’re sitting, the camera should be placed ___

10 / 10

Creating an S curve can be…

Questions left

Be even less afraid of angles


Flaunt that feature


Chicken arms aren’t good

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