How Much Do You Remember of 'Never Have I Ever' Season 3?

Do you know everything you need to remember before Season 4 drops?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Sep 3, 2022
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We can’t get enough of Never Have I Ever either, so we definitely see the appeal. But after binge-watching Season 3, are you up to seeing how you score on a quiz about our fave coming-of-age teen drama? Go on then, in the words of Eleanor, let’s see if you really Devi’d this one up. 

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Trent’s locker is covered with images of this singer, whom he describes as “an icon with the voice of an angel”.

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Where does Eve tell Fabiola she is moving to?

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In the Valentine’s Day flashback scene, what did Mohan get Nalini, who always considered this a stupid holiday?

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Who was Ben referring to when he says, “Well, she broke my heart”?

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Narrator John McEnroe tells the audience that Devi experiences what is called the ____ effect, which “is the moment when an unremarkable dork is given a guitar and suddenly becomes the hottest man in the world”.

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Who waits with Ben while he has surgery when his parents are out of town.

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Who sparks Fabiola’s interest while she is dating Aneesa?

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Why does Rhyah tell Des he needs to break up with Devi?

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Who says she wants: “To be standing on a windswept moor, wearing a bodice when suddenly a caped nobleman appears, and we make love against the bricks of an old abbey”.

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Where does Paxton want to go to college?

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What is the name of the prestigious institution in Colorado that would secure Devi an Ivy League spot?

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Devi ends up going to the elite boarding school in Colorado.

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____ gives Devi a coupon for "one free boink” this season.

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Who said this: “I Was Half-Naked In Front Of Bath & Body Works”.

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Who tells Devi, “You shouldn’t do something on someone else’s schedule. You should do it when you’re ready”.

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Complete Devi’s line: “Oh my god, that’s why ____ people age better”.

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Who is Kamala dating this season?

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Who narrates a day in Ben’s life in episode 6?

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Who gets voted class speaker at graduation?

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Trent fails and has to repeat his senior year.

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Who says this: “You’re My First Girlfriend And I’m A Little Insecure About That”.

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What is Des' mom’s name in the show?

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What is Des’ full name in the show?

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