Can You Guess the Capricorn Trait From the Aquarius Trait?

See if you live up to your sign’s cool reputation.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Jan 9, 2023
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We know that each star sign has its own unique traits. And for this month, the two on show – Capricorn and Aquarius – are by far, two of the most fascinating signs, but they are also very, very distinctive even though they both fall in the same month of January. Can you really tell the difference between the two? Take our quiz to see how well you can guess the Capricorn trail from the Aquarius trait.

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The quality of being more cautious would belong more to…

2 / 10

This sign is the master of using words to weave fascinating worlds around them.

3 / 10

This is the more reserved sign of the two on the outside.

4 / 10

This sign makes friends easily and makes for one of the wittiest people you’ll ever meet.

5 / 10

This sign often has a visionary approach to life.

6 / 10

Planning is the forte of this sign.

7 / 10

This sign thrives on adventure.

8 / 10

You cannot beat this sign when it comes to loyalty and commitment.

9 / 10

Practical, persistent and pragmatic are the traits of…

10 / 10

This sign doesn’t follow the crowd but prefers to march to the beat of their own drums.

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Aquarians and Capricorns are…

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