Do You Know Which Countries These Dances Originated From?

These countries have given us brilliant dances. Can you guess them?

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Apr 15, 2022
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With International Dance Day to look forward to on the 29th of April, we thought of asking you to not put on your dancing shoes, but your thinking caps for this quiz.

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This dance was brought to Brazil during the Portuguese colonization, and is associated with the world-famous Brazilian Rio Carnival.

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This Andalusian style of dance originated amongst the Romani people of Spain.

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In China, this traditional cultural dance is performed during festivals, weddings and the Chinese New Year. 

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In the 1700s, this dance was considered to be controversial because it allowed partners to touch and be closer than an arms’ length distance from each other.

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The Haka dance, which is the ancient war dance of the ancient Māori people, belongs to which country?

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If you wanted to see a performance of the traditional Ote’a dance, you would need to head over to the French Polynesian island of ____.

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Bharatanatyam is an ___ classical dance.

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The ____ originated in Argentina.

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Kabuki, a classical ___ dance drama, originated in Kyoto more than 400 years ago.

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Originating in Brazil, this unique dance form consists of a combination of martial arts, acrobatics and music that is traditional to its African roots.

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Tinikling is the national dance of ____, and is a traditional folk dance that originated during the Spanish colonial era.

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The Hopak dance is a traditional _____ folk dance

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Taking its name from a genre of music that originated in the mid-19th century in Bohemia, ____ is a Central European dance that is popular in Czechoslovakia and Poland. 

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Raqs sharqi, the ____ dance form, is also known as belly dance.

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This African dance is also referred to as ‘aigus’ or the ‘jumping dance’.

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The _____ is a dance derived from the traditions of Irish dance and is characterized by a stiff upper body and quick precise movements of the feet, creating clear rhythms. 

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The Salsa originated in ____.

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Bollywood dancing is a colourful, fun, and theatrical dance style seen in ____ films. 

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This energetic and flamboyant dance originated in the Punjab region of India.

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The ___ is a distinctive Latin American dance that was originally a courtship dance popular in Cuba.

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Breaking or breakdancing, emerged out of ___ in the early 1970s and included moves like head spinning, hand hops, windmills, and complex footwork.

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Based on the movements of a snake’s “neck”, the Eskista is a highly technical dance that originated in _____.

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Sufi Whirling or the Whirling Dervishes is an ecstatic spinning that is part of a ritual practice that dates back to the ____ century.

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