Do You Know Everything You Need to Know About Retrogrades?

They can be scary, but they are also fascinating. 

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Nov 15, 2022
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Just mention a retrograde, and you’ll be quick to spot the alarm on most people’s faces. Most blame the perceived backward motion of the planets for things that goes wrong and believe it’s responsible for everything from communication going haywire to technology and projects getting disrupted or even relationships fizzling out. But how much do you really know about this strange cosmic phenomenon? This quiz will reveal all.

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From an astronomical perspective, a retrograde occurs when a planet ____ in the sky.

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All the planets in our solar system go retrograde at some point during the year.

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____ goes retrograde approximately every 18 months and retrogrades for an average of six weeks.

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The word retrograde comes from the Latin word ‘retogradus’, which means…

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Planets like ____ retrograde only every other year.

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This planet retrogrades the most frequently.

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All retrograde cycles include a pre-and-post retrograde shadow period, which is called a…

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The sun and moon never go retrograde.

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When a planet is going through a retrograde motion, it appears as though it’s moving in the opposite direction from ___ across the sky.

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The outer planets, called the Jovian planets, go into retrograde ___ often.

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During a retrograde…

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