Do You Know All These Fascinating Facts About January?

It’s so much more than just the first month of the year.

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Dec 29, 2022
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January always hits a little bit differently from other months for all of us, given that it’s the very first month of the year. With this comes big-key resolutions, starting on a fresh note and all the excitement of new beginnings. But the month itself has so much more history and nuance surrounding it. We bet you didn’t know all its fascinations or do you? This quiz will reveal all.

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January was named after the ____ god Janus.

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Janus had two ___, one for the past and one for the future.

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The months of January and also February were not originally in the ancient Roman calendar.

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January ___ marks the Twelfth Night, a folk custom signaling the end of Christmas merrymaking and the end of the 12-day winter solstice Celtic celebration.

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If you were born in January, your birthstone is a ___.

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January had only 30 days till ___ added the 31st day and completed the month to what we now know it as.

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The dianthus caryophullus is one of the birth flowers of January. This is more commonly known as a ____.

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January’s Moon is called the ____ Moon.

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The two Zodiac signs associated with this month are…

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January ___ is the Epiphany when the three wise men or kings venerated and brought gifts to the infant Jesus.

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Ok, so here’s another chance to score big. We told you about one of January’s birth flowers. What’s the other?

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