What Do You Know About the World's Strangest Foods?

You might just need a palate cleanser after this!

Faye Remedios
Created by Faye Remedios
On Oct 31, 2022
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Luckily, to win this quiz, you don’t need your taste buds. If you did, you might not have been in for a very delicious time, as this quiz is all about the strangest and weirdest-tasting foods you can find all across the globe. Although, we have to admit that what might seem weird to someone could be scrumptious to another, so whether these are unpalatable or not is only a mater of taste and perspective. Irrespective, what this quiz delivers is a whole lot of fun. Go ahead, score well here, and you’ve earned yourself a yummy food treat!

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Eaten everywhere from Ireland to East Asia, this dish comprises these wrinkled, claw-like ___ with the cartilage, skin, fat and bones intact.

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It’s so bad it’s been outlawed. Casu Marzu, a pecorino cheese and Sardinian specialty, is infested with…

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Khash is a traditional ____ dish that is made by simmering cow’s or sheep’s hooves, head and stomach in water for hours.

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Escamoles are a Mexican delicacy made from the eggs of __.

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Fugu is a Japanese delicacy made from blowfish, one of the most ___ fish in the world.

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Bird's nest soup is, in fact, made from bird's nests.

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This dish is made from the heart, liver, and lungs of sheep, usually mixed with oats, suet, and spices, which are then cooked inside the animal's stomach.

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Surströmming is the classic Swedish dish of ___ fish.

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In Cambodia, you could enjoy a nicely fried ___ as a popular street food.

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Super popular in the UK, Marmite is a savory food spread made from ___ blended with other flavorings.

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This classic French dish supposedly tastes just like chicken.

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In France, escargot are ___ cooked in butter and garlic.

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When you eat Southern fried rattlesnake, you’re actually eating…

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Century eggs, made by aging chicken or duck eggs in a combination of lime and burnt wood ash, are 100 years old.

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Also called Jibachi Senbei, these crackers are a specialty in Japan. They are made using…

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Name this street food from the Philippines that is made from a duck egg that has been fertilized and allowed to develop until a fetus has started to form.

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Drunken Shrimp is a delicacy traditionally found in ___ that involves live freshwater shrimp immersed in a liquor-based sauce of some kind prior to eating.

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This classic English holiday dish is made with whole fish, whose heads and tails poke out of the top of the crust.

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Popular in Alaska and Northern Canada, for this dish, the nose of this animal is stewed in its own juices, chopped up, and served in a gelatin base.

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Tavuk Göğsü is a creamy Turkish milk, sugar and cinnamon pudding with this unusual ingredient.

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Black pudding is congealed pork or beef ___ cooked up with various flavorings and thickening agents and stuffed into a sausage skin.

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Beondegi is a South Korean snack that comprises boiled, steamed or lightly seasoned…

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In Japan, cherry blossom meat is raw ___ meat, served either on its own or as part of sushi.

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